Fife’s Ferrier MacKinnon joins as Clinical Partner


Low vision glasses specialist OXSIGHT has brought independent Fife Opticians Ferrier & MacKinnon on board as the first OXSIGHT Clinical Partner in Scotland.


Under the partnership, Ferrier & MacKinnon will provide fitting, prescription services, training and local support for the new OXSIGHT Prism glasses.


OXSIGHT Prism glasses, which is a medical device,  are designed to allow people with tunnel vision and other low vision conditions to get the most out of their existing vision, and to feel more confident within their surroundings. The devices have been designed to look like small goggles and are easy to use and utilise daily. Trials have shown the glasses are comfortable to wear.


Daniel Crown the Consultant Optometrist & Clinical lead from OXSIGHT highlighted the success of the electronic glasses since its launch. “As soon as we place the glasses onto a patient, we can instantly see a smile growing. It’s at that point you know you have made a difference to a patient’s life, that moment itself is priceless.”


Using intelligent image interpretation algorithms plus micro-OLED displays to bring images into the field-of-view for the user, the glasses are designed for comfortable extended wear.


Users can see faces of family and friends when socialising, recognise objects and hazards, read signs, manage money, see colour, and enjoy hobbies.


Optometrist Charles MacKinnon explained that the team at Ferrier & MacKinnon would be able to fit optional corrective lenses to tailor the glasses to each customer’s prescription.


The glasses are designed to enhance vision for people with peripheral vision loss caused by conditions such as Glaucoma, Diabetes, Retinitis Pigmentosa and other degenerative eye diseases.


OXSIGHT is in the process of developing clinical partnerships with a number of Opticians across the UK and Europe. At present OXSIGHT is already providing trials, fitting and clinical support at their clinics in London, Oxford and Greater Manchester Area through several clinical  partners.


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