OXSIGHT collaborates with Ansal University to create low vision centre

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Ansal University, India to set up a Low Vison Centre.


The Sushant OXSIGHT Low Vision Centre will be the referral hub in and around the Gurgaon and Delhi region for hospitals and independent eye clinics, demonstrating Low Vision Test Programs with an aim to test the suitability of patients for the OXSIGHT smart glasses.


The centre will also support academic communications and research programmes in the field of visual impairment. Subsequently promoting a sustainable ecosystem and benefit to thousands of individuals suffering from sight loss.



Rakesh Roshan, CEO, OXSIGHT Ltd said, “This collaboration will bring great benefit and new opportunity to the visually impaired community in India, we are looking forward to getting started with the centre-of-excellence located at Ansal University. The platform will act as a springboard and play a lead role in strengthening the desired innovation eco-system in the field on low vision’’.

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