OXSIGHT Ambassador: Wayne

OXSIGHT were lucky enough to meet Wayne, when he came to our demo day at the Manx Society in the Isle of Man. Having lived with retinitis pigmentosa for a number of years, Wayne had originally noticed OXSIGHT on Facebook and in October, he became one of our Ambassadors.


Wayne managed to settle into the glasses really quickly and found them easy to use. “They are so straight forward to use, I’ve picked it up really easily,” said Wayne.


Helping him to watch TV, see the food on his plate and spot details in and around the house are just a few of the benefits that Wayne has enjoyed since incorporating OXSIGHT glasses into his daily life.



Watched a film on the TV — a lot better than it used to be. Using the normal mode ups the brightness so it’s so much better and compared to without, it’s just so much better.”


Perhaps the area that has seen the most improvement is Wayne’s work life.


“They are more useful at work. They would really take it to a new level for me. I’m thinking about how I can use it in different environments.”

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