OXSIGHT Signs Partnership with Samuels Opticians

Low vision specialist, OXSIGHT, have signed a partnership with Samuels Opticians to help make visual aids more readily available to those with sight loss in the Midlands.


OXSIGHT glasses use revolutionary imaging technology, built within Epson Moverio smart glasses to enhance the remaining sight for those living with peripheral vision loss caused by glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, and other degenerative eye diseases. The completion of this agreement increases the number of partners OXSIGHT have and further improves their ability to provide low vision services to the visually impaired community.


Samuels Opticians provide leading eyecare services and is run by Tony Samuels, who has over 40 years experience as an optician. Previously, Tony Samuels had set up an award-winning low vision clinic at Manor Hospital Walsall. He has two clinics in the Midlands and is excited to be part of this new venture.


“As an optometrist I have specialised in aids to assist people with low vision for nearly 40 years,” commented Tony Samuels.


“OXSIGHT is at the forefront of this technology with a unique low vision aid which is designed for those who have peripheral loss of vision compared to most aids designed for those with a loss of central vision. It is only recently that modern technology has been used to help such people. The look of delight on a successful OXSIGHT user and their family says it all. I am delighted to have been chosen by OXSIGHT as their clinical partner for the Midlands and look forward to helping as many people as possible.”


To mark the occasion, OXSIGHT will be joint-hosting an open day at Samuels Opticians in Solihull on 29th June, offering demonstrations of the glasses along with talks from current users.


OXSIGHT users have experienced an increased field of view of up to 68 degrees. Many utilise the different modes on offer to enhance their remaining vision and experience sights they thought they had lost forever.


“I’ve used super colour mode whilst sorting out my washing. It is really good for that as I could tell the difference between black and navy socks,” said Julie, an OXSIGHT user. “I had given up trying different things before I had the glasses because it was upsetting that I couldn’t do certain activities. However, these glasses are giving me a new enjoyment in life.”



OXSIGHT is a fast-growing digital eye care technology company established in 2016 as a spinout from Oxford University. It has developed a portfolio of products that are transforming the lives of the visually impaired, their friends, colleagues and the community around them.


It makes glasses that can make a real difference to people with conditions that cause peripheral vision loss. These include Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Myopic Degeneration, Retinopathy of prematurity and other degenerative eye diseases. Its glasses have also helped people with a visual impairment caused following a stroke, such as homonymous hemianopia.


The company has worked in partnership with leading global players from both the visually impaired community and the technology sector. These include Google, The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), Moorfields Eye Hospital, Guide Dogs Association and The Royal Academy of Engineering.


OXSIGHT is building a network of clinics in the UK and has operations in Europe, India and China.


Contact information:

Tel: 01865 580255

Email: care@oxsight.co.uk

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