Deafblind UK and OXSIGHT work in partnership to give people their sight back

Original post by Deafblind UK.


National charity, Deafblind UK, has announced a partnership with OXSIGHT, the provider of high-tech glasses that can give people with visual impairments their sight back.


The partnership sees the two organisations working closely together with the common goal of enhancing the lives of people living with sight loss. Steve Conway, CEO of Deafblind UK said: “Losing your sight can be devastating but even more so when your hearing is also impaired, and you are unable to rely on audio communications. That’s why OXSIGHT’s products are even more important to people who are deafblind.”


OXSIGHT glasses expand the field of vision for people with peripheral sight loss caused by conditions such as Glaucoma, Diabetes, Retinitis Pigmentosa, and other degenerative eye diseases. OXSIGHT are leading the way in the development of digital technology and they are building a strong pipeline of products to help those with a whole range of conditions including central vision.


Deafblind UK’s Chairman Bob Nolan uses the glasses. He said: “The moment when I first tried on the OXSIGHT glasses will stay with me for a long time. I was talking with one of my family members and I could only make out her head and shoulders in a dimly lit room. When I put the glasses on I could clearly see not one but five members of my family! When you have less than five degrees of vision as I do, looking through the glasses is nothing short of miraculous.”


Deafblind UK is a national charity supporting people with sight and hearing loss. As part of the partnership, OXSIGHT will hold monthly clinics at Deafblind UK’s office in Peterborough, where those with peripheral sight loss can book an appointment to try a pair of glasses. For every pair of glasses sold as a result of the clinic, OXSIGHT will make a donation to Deafblind UK.


Steve Conway, CEO of Deafblind UK said: “This is a fantastic example of a charity and a technology company coming together with a mutual interest to support people who are deafblind. The success stories that we have heard so far are incredible; people who haven’t seen their partner or children for years can suddenly see the world around them again. This really is life changing technology and I am proud to be a part of it.”


Rammy Arafa from OXSIGHT has been working with Deafblind UK to set up the partnership. He said: “I am delighted to be able to work so closely with Deafblind UK. They work so hard to support people with sight and hearing loss and our product will complement their existing service offering. If, by working together, we can help some of Deafblind UK’s members to see again then it’s a worthwhile venture.”


OXSIGHT clinics will take place at Deafblind UK’s office on: 21st August, 23rd October, 20th November, 18th December, 22nd January, 26th February, 25th March. For anyone interested in booking an appointment at the clinic, please complete an online form at OXSIGHT registered opticians will then review your individual condition and let you know whether you are suitable to try the glasses.

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