Our Story

OXSIGHT was founded in Oxford, UK in 2016 to transform the lives of people with visual impairment. Our founding members began their research at the University of Oxford in 2010, investigating how technology could benefit those with low vision. Their successful work led to international recognition, and the establishment of our commercial venture to develop wearable solutions for anyone living with sight degeneration.

Today, our team includes scientists and clinicians across many disciplines, such as ophthalmology, neuroscience, computer vision and machine learning, all working together to develop new products that let people live life to the fullest. Along the way, we’ve worked in partnership with leading global names in visual impairment and technology, including Google, The Royal National Institute of Blind People, the Guide Dogs Association, Royal Academy of Engineering, the National Institute for Health Research Invention for Innovation and Moorfields Eye Hospital.


OXSIGHT began as an idea: would it be possible to improve the lives of millions by restoring loss of vision in a way that is affordable, usable and wearable? Our research led to OXSIGHT Crystal, our first-generation smart glasses, using an HD camera to stream live, lag-free video feeds into two compact OLED projectors that target the usable areas of the eye, restoring a wide field of vision with clarity. Groundbreaking and practical, Crystal was the stepping stone to what we believe are the world’s best smart glasses.


OXSIGHT Onyx takes every piece of learning we’ve achieved in our field and channels it into a set of glasses so intelligent and intuitive that you can use them straight out of the box. No optometrist, no fitting appointments, just the chance to see more.


Onyx automatically detects text, faces and objects, uses autofocusing lenses to dispense with your normal glasses, and combines wearable design with usable functions. Lighter, smarter and more affordable than any comparable device on the market, Onyx is the pinnacle of our research and development, and the foundation of a better life for our users.

Future Vision

We thrive on innovation, and can see a future where everyone can access better vision to lead a full and rewarding lifestyle. That is why OXSIGHT is structured to continually work on new technologies, investing heavily in R&D so we can reach more people. But our mission goes beyond technology: we aim to change the perceptions of what it means to have visual impairment, using our products to prove that anyone can find independence and a fulfilled life.

Partner with OXSIGHT

Our mission to bring a better life to more people means we’re committed to working with partners around the world who share our aim. Joining as an OXSIGHT channel partner gives a closer understanding of our technology so you can provide direct care and service to users who prefer to buy in person. You’ll also receive training, support, marketing collateral and access to special OXSIGHT events and our wider network.