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East Belfast man can see for the first time with miracle glasses after stroke left him almost blind

A man who lost almost all of his sight after a stroke can see again thanks to special glasses he describes as a miracle.

How do you brand glasses for the visually impaired?

Design studio Reggie London has rebranded OXSIGHT, a British company that creates glasses to help people with vision loss.

Manchester Opera House gives visually impaired and their guide dogs a night at the theatre

Registered blind individuals were given the opportunity to experience the new musical & Juliet wearing new smart glasses that allowed…

Deaf-blind teenager gets hi-tech glasses to help her see again

Alice Costen, 16, has been deaf since birth but only started to lose her eyesight two years ago.

OXSIGHT nominated for ‘Good Technology’ award

The smart glasses are designed to enhance the vision of people with peripheral vision loss.

Good news for visually impaired! This startup can bring your vision back

OXSIGHT is now setting up an Indian subsidiary to make the two glasses for which trials have already been underway since last two years.